Dental Writers Quickfire Content – Why Blog?

shooting-1524169_640Welcome to the first in a series of short quickfire content blogs aimed at dentists. The idea is to give busy dentists maximum information using minimum content.

In this first post we’re going to cover blogging.

It struck me that while I’ve written on the complexities and nuances of dental blogging, I’ve never written about why it actually works. So with this in mind, let’s get back to basics.

First of all, what is a blog?

A blog is a topic-orientated post that is designed to be read. They are read by two groups. Namely:

  • Your potential audience
  • The search engines

Search engines will read your blog to learn what information it contains. This is so that they can return the most relevant pages to users who perform a certain search.

Potential customers read blogs to gain industry related information.

So how can blogging help to grow your dental business?

Two ways – It drives traffic to your site and builds trust.

Firstly – Driving trafficblog_total_traffic

Every time you create a post on an industry-related subject it’s another opportunity to drive traffic to your practice site. Say you have 50 blog posts – that’s 50 opportunities to get your website found online. Equally, if you have 500 posts that’s 500 opportunities. The more blog posts, the greater the possibilities of increasing your traffic.

Building trust

business-1320078_640Blogging helps to establish trust like no other form of marketing can.  Ask yourself this… Who would you rather have dental treatment with? Is it someone who’s taken the time to inform and educate you about the nuances of a particular treatment, or someone that you’ve never met or dealt with before? I know which one I’d rather choose.

Dental blogging places you firmly in the former camp.

That’s all well and good but how do you turn readers into cold hard patients?

By placing a call to action at the bottom of your post. This tells readers what to do next. Whether that’s to book an appointment or consultation, or to sign up for a newsletter, dental blogging turns readers into leads. Each lead has the potential to become a patient at some point.

Finally…the icing on the cakecupcake-309889_640

Dental blogging has one more benefit to give. Once you publish a post, it’s out there in the blogosphere forever. This means that in months or years down the line when someone is searching for relevant information, your initial post can still be read, shared, or commented on, giving you greater opportunities for leads.

So there you have it.  If you’d like to find out more about how dental blogging can help to grow your practice further then we’d love to hear from you. Drop me a line at

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