Re-purposing Dental Content – Is It Worth Doing?

old-books-436498_640It’s not uncommon to re-purpose all sorts of things. In fact, whether it’s turning old discarded objects into new shiny things or making new clothes out of old material, re-cycling is really rather trendy. This got me thinking – why should re-purposing dental content be any different?

Let’s face it, feeding the beast that is Google with fresh dental content week after week, month after month, year after year can be really difficult. Yet as we all know content is still king. It’s the foundation or corner stone that supports every conceivable type of marketing. Without it there would be no PPC, SEO, social media, or any other type of web based marketing. In fact you could argue that content is what makes the World Wide Web go round.

You might say “That’s all well and good, but I don’t really have any content that I can re-purpose and re-use

whereas I’d say

If you’ve got a website or have done any type of marketing via the internet whatsoever, then you’d be wrong.”

Think about it for a while – Your services and procedural pages,  your old newsletters, articles, email promotions, and blog posts all contain seeds of ideas that can be used for re-purposing dental content and turning it into new, meaningful stuff.

With this in mind, here are 3 ideas you could use to breath new life into unwanted,thinking-outside-the-box-33399_640 unloved, and somewhat dusty dental content.

Making Good Use of Past Patient Feedback

If you have a dental website then the chances are that you’re more than likely to have testimonials from happy patients. Aside from being a virtual ‘pat on the back‘ they can also contain some pretty useful stuff, and are perfect for re-purposing dental content; but how?

Look for problems you’ve solved, solutions you’ve delivered, and recurring questions you’ve answered. Focus on popular topics that keep emerging and base new content around this. This could be in the form of

  • Blog posts
  • Case studies
  • Newsletter articles or even
  • Themed email series

All of which can be re-purposed from a variety of past testimonials, handwritten thank you letters, and emails.

Re-purposing Dental Content Blogs/Articles

arrow-945272_640Writing an e-book or getting one written for use on your dental website site sounds like a of work and a lot of expense, but the truth is it doesn’t have to be. Why? Because chances are if you’ve been running a dental blog for any length of time you’ll have a whole load of ready-made material in the form of old blog posts and articles which you can use to re-purpose into an e-book or guide.

For example if you’ve written a ton of blogs on dental implants or orthodontic treatments, then these can be re-purposed into a handy guide for anyone looking to find out information about a particular dental procedure. Because you’ve got all the bones of the information at hand, it really is simply a case of sifting through it, condensing it, and turning it into your e-book or guide which will be of real value to any potential patients visiting your site.

Re-purposing Dental Content Already On Your Site.

So why would you want to re-purpose dental content that already exists on your site? content-is-king-1132258_640The simple answer is that it mightn’t be as patient-centered as you think. For example your content might be

  • Overly technical – Does it contain a multitude of technical jargon or is it easy to read by the non-dentist?
  • Outdated – Are you describing old techniques and procedures which are now out of date or have been superseded by another?
  • Way too wordy – Are you confronted by a relentless wall of text that reads like War and Peace? You may want to get someone else to answer that for a non-biased view.
  • Missing a call to action – In other words it doesn’t tell the reader what to do once they’ve read it (eg, call us today on… or, talk to us today about a free consultation, or visit our website for more information at ….) These are all persuasive ways to get your readers to take action, and if various pieces of your content are missing a call to action then you might just want to include one.

Any, all, or a combination of the above may be enough to put any potential patients off from visiting your clinic or contacting you for more information. so re-purposing dental content in this manner is a great way to make sure that your dental website is firing on all four cylinders.

So there you have it. You have more value in your existing content than you might realise so why not dust off your back catalogue of ‘stuff’ and get it redistributed. It really is worthwhile.

At Dental Writers, aside from being dentalwriteaholics, we like to think we’re pretty good at breathing new life into tired old dental websites. Why not contact us on 0044 (0) 844 3079127, or email me at  to discuss just how we can help you. Alternatively for further information about our products and services, visit our website at and start 2016 with a (re) purpose.

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