What We Do

What We Do

As industry-specific writers we compose customer-focused dental content that is written in layman’s language rather than technical dental jargon. In fact we believe that there’s no team better at explaining dental treatments, listing pros and cons, and comparing one treatment against another, to help patients get a better understanding of what’s involved before they even set foot in your dental clinic.

Dentists don’t blog

dentistIt’s true that many dental clinics don’t have a blog and they’re really missing a trick. Most people use the internet to search for all manner of products and services before they buy, and dental treatments are no exception.

The importance of running a well-maintained dental blog can never be under-estimated. In fact there’s proof to show that those who manage to build a comprehensive blog (30-50 posts or more) see an average increase of 45% in patient leads. In addition to this an informative blog helps to build trust and get your name out there.

That said, we  fully understand that dentists don’t always have the time to blog for themselves which is where our service comes in.

What We Offer

We have an abundance of experience in writing about general, preventative, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry and can create meaningful, patient-friendly blog posts that your potential patients will want to read.

Should you need web content, SEO localised content, patient-centred procedural pages, regular newsletters or treatment guides, we can provide these too. Finally, we also have the ability to create bespoke email campaigns which can be used to entice past customers back or new customers through the door.

All blog posts can be supplied with a top quality photo free from copyright restrictions and can be supplied to you to do with as you like, or we can post directly on to your site. It’s entirely your choice.

If you’d like to know more about our services or discuss a project you have in mind then please get in touch.