Dental Bloggers – 3 Surprising Facts You Might Not Know

Dental bloggersAs the co-owner of a small team of freelance writers and dental bloggers, you could say that we’re a much misunderstood bunch.

A bit of a strange statement I know, but here’s why I think this…

I posted a link to an article on Twitter a few days back about how a freelance dental writing service can help dental practices to grow their business. Pretty  straight forward right? Or so I thought!  But then I got this reply from a dentist who just so happens to be following me. It said just two words……

@dentalwriters – Neat idea!

I’ve gotta admit it kinda threw me a bit because I wasn’t exactly sure what they meant. After all a ‘neat idea’ in my book is something that’s conceptual and/or new.

Instead what I was giving them were solid hints and tips that form the foundation of a successful content marketing campaign. It’s fair to say that I wasn’t reinventing the wheel so to speak.

Anyway, you know when something plays on your mind and you just can’t let it go? Well believe me,  I was like a dog with a bone! Perhaps I was missing something. Maybe I was looking too much into what was in effect an innocuous comment.  Hell, maybe I’m just a little paranoid!

Anyway, after wracking my brains for a while, the answer suddenly hit me like adental bloggers - Lightening bolt bolt from the blue … Here it is….

Many dentist don’t really get what we do

Now that’s no disrespect to dentists at all. In fact, analysing it further – why would they?

If you think about it, dentists are busy people. Therefore if they’re looking to increase their online presence, it pays to outsource their entire online marketing strategy to one of a growing number of full-service digital agencies. This makes total sense.

After all, as a car owner, I don’t really need to know how an engine works. Instead all I need to know is that when I put the key in the ignition, the car starts. As long as it does that, I’m happy.

Similarly, like the car analogy above, by utilising the services of a digital media agency, the dentist can focus their efforts on dental-related tasks, leaving the agency to worry about the non dental-related stuff. Easy right?

Well yes and no!

What you might not know is that while some agencies do everything ‘in house’, most don’t. Instead they’ll usually sub-contract out to people like me and my capable team of dental bloggers who then make the magic happen.

Because dentists don’t have that direct knowledge of how a team of dental bloggers can help them, how would they know what we can really offer? More importantly, why should they even care?

emoticon-1392275_640While I have to accept the harsh reality (it’s okay, I’ll get over it – really!) it is beneficial for dentists to have a better understanding of how we can help them. Here’s why…

Hiring A Team Of Dental Bloggers Directly, Saves You Money

Think about it – If you’re looking to buy something of quality at a cheaper price you’d be better off going straight to the manufacturer. Why? Because buying the product directly cuts out the middle man, eg – the retailer.

The same can be said when you’re in need of… let’s say some blogs. When you order 10 blogs from a digital agency there’s a pretty strong chance that they’ll contact someone like me. They’ll say what their client needs and when they need it by. We’ll then send the finished products to the agency, we’ll get paid, and everyone’s happy.

Understandably though, the agency is then going to add their percentage onto the work undertaken, meaning that ultimately… you’ll pay more.

Alternatively, by coming directly to the manufacturer (your freelance dental bloggers of choice) You’ll get the exact same quality product, but at a better price.

But that’s not all… There are other benefits too.

You Get Your Very Own In-House Writing Teampen-1019814_640

When you hire a dental writing team you have access to your very own in-house writers, but without the costs of hiring extra staff.

So why is this important?

Because you get consistency.

This is important in an industry such as dentistry where you’re trying to build a rapport and ultimately trust with any potential patients. The more you work with a dental blogger, the more they’ll know your business and your clientele, until eventually, they become your blogging voice.

On the flip side, when you hire a media agency, you have no control over who writes the content. They might have several writers on their books and might need to reassign work to another party due to unforeseen circumstances. Ultimately, that all-important consistency is lost.

Another benefit of having your own dental writing team is that if you need a specific detailed dental post or procedural page written, then you can simply pick up the phone and communicate your needs directly with the writing team.

Conversely with a digital agency, all requests need to first go through the account manager. They will then relay those requests to the designated writer. Sometimes, specific detailed requests can often get lost in translation. As such the dentist may not always get what they asked for.

The third and final fact you might not know about dental bloggers is that…

We Do More Than Simply Blog

It’s true, a team of experienced dental bloggers can do more than just write blogs.

So why is this beneficial to you?

Because aside from being industry bloggers, most niche writing companies know how to carry out many other aspects of content marketing. This means writing a whole manner of content including:

plus, a multitude of other content marketing strategies including guest posting, content-is-king-1132258_640setting up and structuring email campaigns, and content distribution to gain maximum exposure.

They can even tailor content towards a specific part of your market. Eg, parents with young children, older patients seeking teeth replacement, or twenty somethings looking for cosmetic dentistry.  All of these factors can help to target specific key areas and grow your dental practice fast.

So there you have it!

Yes there are obvious benefits working with a full-service media agency but there are also major benefits working alongside an experienced team of dental bloggers and writers.

A final footnote – This certainly isn’t a ‘hire us instead of them‘ kind of post. Indeed, there are many things that a full service agency can do for you that we as dental writers don’t confess to being expert at. However, by working smart, thinking outside of the box, and expanding your options, you’ll increase your chances of growing your dental practice faster.

For further information on how we can help, contact us on 044 (0)844 307 9127 and make the changes necessary in order to stand out from your competition today.

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