5 Key Reasons Why Dental Case Studies Should Be Your Go-to Advertising Tool

dental case studies are a great marketing tool

In the 13+ years that I’ve been writing dental content, I’ve only been asked to write up maybe a handful of dental case studies. It’s surprising really because this underused content strategy is an incredibly powerful marketing tool that can cement your brand, build authority and put your dental practice on the map.

Put it this way…

What if I told you that I could present a patient’s story in such a way that it positions you as an authority in your field, and your dental practice as ‘the’ go-to place for a particular treatment or service?

You’d probably be interested, right?

Now, what if I told you that I’d write it in the form of a true-life story about how you solved a significant patient problem while creating a life-changing solution?

That’s what dental case studies are and in truth, when they’re properly written, they’re an unbeatable marketing asset.

Still not convinced?

It’s time to check out these 5 key reasons why case studies should become your go-to advertising tool

Reason #1 – They’re relatable

Everyone loves a good story, right? Particularly one that they can relate to. So, just imagine you’re a long-term denture wearer who had been told some years back that you weren’t eligible for dental implants due to major bone loss.

Now imagine the impact it would have on you if you read the story of a similar patient who was also told they could never have dental implants only to visit a dentist specialising in zygomatic implants. The dentist then proceeds to fit the patient with a complete set of long-lasting, implant-anchored teeth that change their quality of life forever.

How would that make you feel?


Hopeful, perhaps?

How about pure relief that a solution is available?

In reality, you’d probably be feeling all three emotions while grabbing the clinic’s contact details before you finished reading the article.

Essentially, content that taps into someone’s emotions is an incredibly powerful marketing tool and a good dental case study does exactly that.

Reason #2 – Dental Case studies create credibility like nothing else

In any business trust is everything, but in dentistry, because dental visits aren’t a particularly enticing prospect, practices advertising their services and treatments to new customers tend to start from a disadvantaged position.

The question is, how do dental practices build trust even before a patient even sets foot through the door?

The answer?

Create readable content that resonates or makes a connection.

Good dental case studies do exactly that.

Because a case study is essentially a true story, it delivers kudos and credibility like nothing else and that’s how you start to build trust.

Reason #3 – They provide social proof

social proof

It’s one thing telling a reader how your clinic provides outstanding dentistry but it’s another thing proving it.

Dental case studies provide such proof. We’re talking about bona fide patients who have been through a procedure or service and are now telling their stories.

When you provide actual proof of having done something, it carries far more weight in the advertising world, and this is why a well-constructed dental case study is a powerful marketing asset.

Reason #4 – They help patients self-qualify

Here’s the thing you may not realise; case studies and testimonials differ.

Where testimonials are normally just a statement from a satisfied customer, dental case studies are specific and detailed patient experiences.

So why am I telling you this?

Case studies go into greater detail about a patient’s journey and their personal experience, so, anyone interested in receiving the same treatment will know more about whether a procedure is right for them before they book a consultation.

In these cases, case studies can be used as a form of self-assessment to ascertain whether a patient is indeed suitable or ready for a particular treatment.  

Reason #5 – Giving patients a better insight

The fifth and final reason dental case studies are an outstanding marketing tool is that they give someone a great insight into what they might expect should they become a patient.

When a potential patient has prior knowledge of how a procedure works it can often alleviate the fear factor that prevents them from undergoing treatments like dental implants.

Ultimately, when the fear factor is extinguished, patients get the treatment they need rather than accepting the treatment that their anxiety allows, and that, in itself, is priceless!

So, there you have it – 5 solid reasons why you should include dental case studies in your marketing strategy.

If you lack the time or the in-house resources to write up case studies and would like to try this method of dental marketing, come and talk to the team at Dental Writers.

We specialise in all aspects of dental-related content including case studies. So, reach out to me at dale@dentalwriters.com and let’s discuss how we can make it happen.       


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