27 Dental Blogging Ideas For Self-Blogging Dentists

dental blogging ideas

The other day I got a call from a dentist interested in our services. During our conversation, he told me that he’d started a blog on a number of occasions but simply run out of steam. The reason? He found it hard to consistently come up with new and interesting dental blogging ideas.

Unfortunately, this is a common problem, not only for anyone new to blogging but also for seasoned bloggers. Let’s face it, coming up with new and interesting subject matter week in and week out is a tough gig and one which even the most seasoned of bloggers find difficult. With this in mind, I thought I’d give my brain a serious workout and try to come up with as many dental blogging ideas as possible. Well, 27 in fact, so here goes…

Tips Posts

People can’t get enough of hints and tips posts. They have the ability to portray you as an authority in your field and can also build trust. Titles like “6 tips to finding the right dentist for you” or “How to ensure dental implant longevity using 5 key steps ” are great starting points, but if you think long and hard, the list is endless.

Evaluation Posts

Otherwise known as pros and cons, advantage and disadvantages, or comparison posts, this kind of post works best when comparing and evaluating several forms of dental treatments or methods. The good news is that as a freelance dental writer, I know that these types of posts are incredibly popular with readers seeking valuable information.

Explanation Posts

As far as dental blogging ideas go, this is probably one of the most straightforward but also the most effective. As the name suggests, explanation posts take a certain treatment and break it down into simplified, patient-friendly terms. A good example of this is dental implants. There are a lot of complex processes involved in the treatment so try explaining it in informative, non-techy terms. You could even break down each stage of the treatment and turn it into a separate blog post going into more detail. Now that’s food for thought right there!

Top Ten Posts

People love top ten posts, but how can you adapt this to the dental niche? How about ‘Busting the top ten myths surrounding dentures’ Or what about the ‘ten most popular forms of orthodontic/cosmetic dental treatments.’

‘Secrets To’ Posts

Okay, so there are no real secrets in dentistry, just good knowledge. However, by using the word ‘secrets‘ it implies that by reading your post the user will gain some great information. That’s really what this is all about. Supplying them with great useful information. As an example you could write a blog on the ‘ Top secrets to lifelong teeth‘ or the ‘Cosmetic dental secrets to keeping a youthful look‘ or how about the ‘Secrets to maintaining fresh breath‘.

Real Stories 

This is a much under-used dental blogging idea but one that’s well worth writing. Readers love real stories so you can always blog about a recent success story (patient willing of course). Alternatively, you could blog about how you successfully tackled a problematic dental case. Just remember to keep it interesting and don’t get bogged down with technicalities. Don’t forget you’re aiming it towards the non-dentist.

Simple, Useful Information

Sometimes simple information is the best. So how about a blog post on ‘How to brush your teeth effectively‘ or ‘The importance of flossing.’ Keeping It Stupidly Simple (KISS) works for a reason.

Quick Trivia

Everyone loves a bit of trivia, so why not come up with some interesting trivia facts about dentistry? You could for instance delve into dental history and come up with some interesting trivia about ancient oral hygiene. Alternatively, how about some fun facts about dental care that kids might find interesting?

Hot Topics

Anything to do with the latest news, the latest celebs, or the latest gossip are fair game when it comes to a blog post. How about pictures of celebs with great teeth and a little blurb about them? Or what about a selection of before and after dental treatment pictures of Hollywood A-listers? Alternatively, at the time of writing, the government’s efforts to tax sugary products is big news and is obviously relative to all things dental, so why not voice your professional opinion and turn it into a blog post?

Keeping It Personal

Did you know the term ‘blog‘  is actually a mishmash of the words ‘web log‘ and was originally utilised as a form of online diary where people would keep a virtual account of their personal experiences? Even now, blogs that have a personalised element to them tend to be very popular. Besides it’s also an easy fallback if you really are stumped for dental blogging ideas. How about ‘A day in the life of a busy dentist’. After all, everyone likes a bit of fly-on-the-wall stuff right? Alternatively blog about what’s been going on in your practice. For example, you might have been fund-raising for a good cause or participated in a charity event. Whatever the reason, it’s a great way to get your clinic noticed and to get your name out there.

Tutorial Guides

Tutorial or procedural guides tend to give insightful information about a particular procedure or treatment. These are like gold dust for anyone searching for information on that very same treatment. As well as a blog, you can also write a detailed procedural guide and use it as a free giveaway to gain new subscribers. How’s that for a cunning plan?


How about writing up an interview on a conversation you might have had with a leading specialist in your field? This is especially good when they divulge juicy nuggets of information that you might want to share, that may help your future patients.

Create A List

Everyone loves a list. A good example of how you could utilise one for dental blogging purposes is to create a list of the ‘Most damaging foods for your teeth‘. Conversely, how about a list of ‘10 super-foods for your teeth’? Finally what about a list of the ‘Top questions you should ask your dentist during a consultation’? In fact, as long as it’s not on your shopping list, it’s probably fair game.

Response To News Posts

Anything that’s in the news is worth building a blog post around. How about responding to a relevant news story from a dental perspective? Trust me, as long as it’s informative and newsworthy, people are likely to be very interested in what you have to say.

Case Studies

As far as dental blogging ideas go, the word ‘case study‘ sounds pretty high-brow and quite frankly…. boring, but guess what? It doesn’t have to be. If for example, you’ve helped a patient to restore their great-looking smile using a variety of techniques such as a smile makeover, then with their permission, why not build a blog post around how you helped them to achieve the results? Bulk it out with some great photos and a short explanation of what you’ve done at each stage of the procedure, and it will help to build that bridge of trust with anyone who reads it, that’s looking for similar treatment.

Sharing Your Favourite Blogs

This is a corker of a dental blogging idea and a great way to give valuable information to your readers if you don’t have a lot of time. If you read a lot of blogs then why not list a few of your favourite stories or posts with a quick blurb about each and point people to them? They don’t even all have to be dental-related. What’s more, people will love you for it because it means that they haven’t had to scour the world wide web to find them. It really is a win-win situation.

Interesting Factoids

Everyone loves an interesting factoid, so a whole blog filled with them has got to be a good read. Did you know for example that tooth enamel is supposedly the strongest substance in the human body, or that scientists are now using dental stem cells to grow teeth? Of course, you do, you’re a dentist after all, but you get where I’m coming from right?

Pros and Cons

A balanced argument about a particular treatment or dental product listing the pros and cons is the perfect blog fodder. As an example, what about the ‘Pros and cons of fast orthodontic treatment’ or how about the ‘Pros and cons of going abroad for dental implant procedures’? You can get as creative as you like so long as it’s informative.

Common Mistakes

If you’re stuck for dental blogging ideas, how about writing a blog post based on common mistakes patients make in your niche? This could include seeking cheap dental implants, choosing the first dentist they come across, not flossing frequently or even at all, smoking during dental implant treatment, and failing to attend regular dental check-ups….. If you really think about it, the list is endless.

A Glimpse Into The Future

You may want to blog about what’s happening in dentistry right now that may affect the future of dentistry for your patients. What will dentistry be like in say 2056? what will it mean for the next generation of patients? Everyone likes a bit of the ‘crystal ball effect‘ so why not give it to them?

A Blog Post About You

Most dental blogging ideas on this post are aimed at helping potential readers (take that as potential patients), but that doesn’t mean to say that it should never be about you. After all, there’s nothing wrong with the occasional bit of self-promotion. You may have recently been on a course and now offer cosmetic dental treatments alongside other forms of dentistry. Alternatively, you may have been trained in the use of conscious sedation. You could even be one of the first clinics in the country to offer the latest form of super-duper treatment aimed at helping patients restore their great-looking smiles. Whatever the reason, this is something that potential patients would want to know. Besides, you also get to blow your own trumpet, which is never a bad thing.

Post about How To Achieve Something Fast

Let’s face it, we’re a lazy bunch and if we have a choice between learning to do something fast or taking the long-term solution, then we’re probably going to take the fast option. Therefore subjects based on how to achieve fast results are great information to put into blogs. But how does this pertain to the dental niche? How about writing a post on ‘Quick orthodontic treatments and what they entail’? Alternatively, how about detailing ‘Speedy ways that you can achieve a great-looking smile’?  If you have knowledge of speedy dental treatments or steps a patient can take to get the results they desire fast, then it’s definitely going to appeal.

Q&A Blog Posts 

As a dentist you know the types of questions that people are asking, so why not give them the answers in the form of a blog post? It could be pertaining to a particular treatment that you offer, or about dentistry in general. By addressing their worries and concerns and answering those directly in the form of a blog, potential patients will see you as a fountain of knowledge. What’s more it’s a great way for them to trust you before they’ve even set foot in your practice.

Ultimate Resource Post

This type of post is a woefully underused dental blogging idea, yet if done right it’s also extremely powerful. I’ve already said that most people will take the fast option, so what about if you do all the grunt- work and deliver an ‘Ultimate resource post‘ where the reader might find all the information they need about a particular subject, in one place? As an example, you could write a post detailing all the useful information relating to a Smile Makeover. Or ‘Everything you need to know about orthodontic treatment but were afraid to ask’. Make it the ‘go to‘ place for your subject matter. If done well, your post will get noticed for all the right reasons.

‘Having A Rant’ Post

Basing a blog around something that really hacks you off isn’t as crazy as it sounds. As an example, I read a great blog post on gum disease a little while ago. The dentist in question was so mad at the fact that this was such an easily preventable problem. His frustration was palpable, but more importantly, it made for a great read. The bottom line is that emotional, thought-provoking content works, so if you feel like having a rant, why not put it into words?

Create an informative glossary of terminology

Words like ‘osseointegration‘ and ‘malocclusion‘ may seem like second nature to you but to a patient you might as well be speaking gobbledygook. So how about presenting a glossary of common terminology? Keep it light and even entertaining and I promise you it’ll be a winner.

And finally …..

Lists of free stuff

Everyone likes to get something for nothing so how about creating a list of useful free resources?  In the dental niche, this may mean links to free ebooks that patients can download for a particular treatment, useful newsletters or magazines relating to dentistry, and although not free, how about pointing them to where they can find money off specific treatments? Preferably your clinic! A dental blogging idea with a motive, Well I never!

So there you have it. Phew!!

If you’re really stuck for dental blogging ideas then hopefully this has given you at least a slither of inspiration to kick start or rekindle your dental blogging exploits. Alternatively, if you just don’t have the time or let’s face it, the inclination, then why not contact me at Dental Writers?

As a small team of freelance dental writing pros, we love writing dental content. What’s more with over a thousand blogs written for you guys, we know how to write compelling blog posts for your target audience that really work.  Curious? Visit our website at www.dentalwriters.com or contact Dale on 0044 (0) 844 307 9127 to find out more.

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