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Who Are Dental Writers?

My name is Dale King and I’m the business owner and co-founder of Dental Writers.

We’re a team of like-minded individuals who love to write dental content. In fact you could say that we’re

Dental Writeaholics!


Dale King

dental writers Dale King

What Makes Us Different?

Our team are experienced writers in their own right, but in addition we’re also people who have either written extensively in this field, have worked, or are currently working within the dental profession.

We’re a combination of professionals that include dental nurses, hygienists, clinical dental technicians, dentists and experienced dental content writers.

 More importantly when we write, we do it from the point of view of a subject matter expert.

Why That's Important And What It Means For You

With online content becoming more important than ever, you need quality content rather than quantity. Misinformation in this industry can spell a whole heap of trouble. With this in mind, our team of industry-specific writers ensure that we use the latest up-to-date, medically correct information to deliver patient-centred content that connects with your target audience.

When you choose us, you are guaranteed content that is engaging, knowledgeable and insightful. Positions you as an authority or ‘go-to’ dentist in your area. And, finally, helps to build a level of trust.


Collectively, we’ve worked with dentists from Harley Street to the High Street and at present have clients in the UK, Romania, the US, and Australia. We understand just what people are looking for when they conduct an online search for dental information and what’s more, first and foremost we’re dental patients too!

Whether you need a service page on the latest teeth whitening treatment, need to roll out a newsletter campaign, or want to create a guide for patients looking for information on dental implants, we’ve got it covered!

We love what we do. But , more importantly, we really enjoy achieving results with you guys!

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