Freelance Dental Writer Or Dental Marketing Company – Who Do You Hire?

Dale King
Dale King

Dale has been writing in the dental industry for over 10 years and keeps up to date with the latest technologies and treatments

Freelance Dental Writer So it’s the start of a brand new year (well nearly) and you’ve come to the inevitable realisation that if you really want to increase the amount of patients coming through your clinic you’ll need to hire a freelance dental writer to increase your online presence.

So you take the next step, open up your laptop and begin to trawl through the multitude of dental marketing companies who are all looking to help you take your business to the next level.

In doing so you may inevitably end up with a company that will do everything they say they’ll do to boost your online presence, build your brand and ultimately double or triple your customer footfall. That’s great, but instead of hiring a fully fledged dental marketing company to take your business to the next level, have you considered working with a freelance dental writer?

If the answer is no, or alternatively, it hadn’t crossed your mind, then you might want to read on because there are definite advantages that an experienced dental writer or dental writing company can bring to the table that a dental marketing company can’t. Let’s take a closer look …

They really do know your industry

While it’s true that most dental marketing companies provide writing services such as blogging, web content and procedural pages the truth is that most of this writing is outsourced to other writers and not necessarily freelance dental writers. So even if the marketing company specialises in dental marketing, there’s a strong chance that the outsourcing writers don’t.

Rather than being specialists, these writers are kind of ‘pens for hire’ and as such theyFreelance dental writer - Pens for hire tend to write on a multitude of subject matter from pets to fashion, and food to…. yes you’ve guessed it… dentistry. Although they may be competent writers in their own right, chances are they won’t have a strong working knowledge of your industry. Usually when this happens it’s reflected in the content produced.

Now I’m certainly not getting at my fellow writers here because I’ve been a generalist writer and I know just how hard they work, but put it this way, if you asked me to produce a blog reviewing the latest mobile phone apps, then yes I could probably research it and write something coherent and possibly even vaguely engaging, but it simply wouldn’t be a patch on the work produced by a specialist tech writer who understands the industry and more importantly, has a real interest in it.

In other words freelance dental writers know your industry because they’ve either worked in it, or have specialised in this field of writing for many years. What’s more, because it’s something they’re interested in, you’re more likely to get great content.

Okay, so great content is all well and good, but in the cold light of day, how does this help you?

Firstly it’s accepted that quality content is here to stay (well, for the foreseeable future anyway), so it stands to reason that a specialist writer in your field is more likely to produce that kind of content. As an example, they might take what could be perceived as starchy, technical information such as a particular procedure and turn it into a well-written, non-techy, patient-friendly page explaining how the procedure works.

This is great for any potential patient who might stumble across your site while looking to have a particular treatment done. In addition, by writing it in friendly, easy to read, easy to understand terms, it not only engages with the patient, but also helps to build customer trust and establishes your reputation further.

They’re often cheaper

This might surprise a lot of people but it’s true! in many cases a freelance dental writer will often charge less than a dental marketing company would. But how can this be? After all you’re paying for the services of a specialist writer?

 The reasoning behind it is simple. When a media company outsources any written content to a third party they clearly need to pay the writer and still make enough money out of what they charge you to make it worth their while. For this reason you’ll often pay higher prices for ‘reasonable’ work.

Freelance dental writer - Cut out the middle manOn the contrary, when you hire a dental writer there’s no middle man (read as marketing company) who needs to take their cut. Therefore the price you pay is the amount the writer charges. Because of this many specialist writers can afford to be more competitively priced while still feeling that their work and services are valued.  Ultimately you get engaging, patient friendly content that helps to promote you as the ‘go to’ dentist in your area, at a great price.

With A Freelance Dental Writer You Get to Have Your Very Own Writing Team

When you assign a freelance dental writer or a team of dental writers they act as your in-house writing team, but without the costs of employing extra staff. While you could argue that the same might be said of dental media companies who sub-contract their writing work, you don’t have that direct contact with the person doing the writing. Therefore any specifics will need to be relayed to the writer via the media manager. As we know, when this happens, those specifics can often get lost in translation.

Conversely if you need a timely press release to promote a service or new treatment you’re offering. then it’s very easy to pick up the phone or send a quick email to the writer or writers who can take on board your wishes and translate that into the content you want quickly.

But that’s not all…

When you assign a specialist dental writer you’re guaranteed that either they or someone in their team will be doing the writing and this means consistency. Clearly this is important when trying to establish a reputation in an industry such as dentistry, where trust is everything.

On the contrary, because a dental media company doesn’t have any control over the freelance writer they’re outsourcing the work to, they might quickly have to assign work to different writers due to unforeseen circumstances.

This could mean that you have different writers of varying qualities working on your project at any one time. When you’re trying to establish a reputable brand and voice, this doesn’t always bode well

While it’s true that dental marketing companies work closely with dental clinics to Freelance dental writer - Who do you hireestablish a presence and ultimately get more customers through their doors, so too does a freelance dental writer. In fact with great content being so important, the question is who do you hire?

Here at Dental Writers we’re a small but highly experienced team of freelance dental writers who overtime have worked alongside dental media companies as well as dealing directly with dental clinics to help them establish their online presence.

If you’d like a free quote for writing work or would like to take a look at the services we offer then visit our website at or contact us directly on 0044 0844 307 9127. We’d love to hear from you.

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