Dental Blogging – How To leverage It To Get New Patients

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You might be fed up with hearing that if you’re not involved in dental blogging, then you’re missing out on a large piece of the patient pie.

So is that true? Moreover, what’s so important about using dental blog posts to increase your patient base?

Well, there’s a lot more to blogging these days than just keeping an online diary or journal. It’s come a long way and has evolved into one of the most economical and effective forms of marketing that are available. In fact, businesses that don’t blog are now greatly in the minority.

The trouble is that while building a patient base through word-of-mouth referrals is great, it does have one fundamental flaw…

It can be hard to attract new patients outside of your existing network.

Ultimately this means that there’s a large gap in your marketing. So the question is, how can we fill it? Does it mean throwing a ton of money at advertising?

In a word, no!

Dental blogging helps you reach the unreachable by opening you up to people that are searching for your services or content. In essence, if you’re providing relevant information, trustworthy advice, and useful content through a blog, then you’ll soon be attracting potential new patients from different sources that are in your geographical range.

Still not convinced?

Let’s take a closer look at some of the other benefits of dental blogging and what it brings to the table.

Having a blog can:

  • Drive traffic to your website

I dare say this is probably one of the main benefits of dental blogging because it drastically increases the chances of your dental practice being found online.

How so?

Well, with each new blog post comes a new indexable page. In other words, by publishing new blog posts to your website, you’re expanding the number of pages on your site.

To illustrate…..

Say you have 30 blog posts online; that means there are now 30 times more chances your website will be found online. So the more content you have, the more likely your website will be found and rank well for a number of different keywords.

But that’s not all.

Dental blogging helps you get discovered on social media platforms too. This is because every time you write a new blog post, you can share it on networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Doing so not only helps strengthen your existing followers but exposes you to a whole new audience that you mightn’t otherwise reach.

  • Establish your authority

Your blog gives you the chance to create a place where patients can easily find reliable answers to their dental queries, fun facts, and the most recent updates. This helps to build your practice reputation while placing you as the ‘go-to’ dentist in your area.

Having such an authoritative positioning will instil confidence in your patients, and above all, it helps to convince them that you’re the right choice for their dental needs.

After all, which would you prefer… a dentist who says he’s experienced or one who has shown his expertise already through plenty of in-depth and informative dental posts? Quite clearly, the latter, right?

  • Improve your SEO

Another way blogging earns new patients is because it vastly improves your visibility on search engines such as Google. The benefits of dental blogging for search engine optimisation alone really make it a no-brainer. Moreover, it works hand in hand with point 1 nicely.

Google loves regular and consistent dental blog posts, so is constantly monitoring for any new content and adjusting rankings accordingly. That being the case, in order to gain a top page result ranking on Google and, more importantly, to keep it, you need to be putting out fresh content.

It’s well known among marketers that, in most cases, the decision to buy something is made before even contacting a business. But research needs to be done first, and where do people look? Google. So if you’re ranking high with well-chosen keywords, then it’s great news for your practice.

But wait, there’s more.

Ranking on Google via organic methods means that you have to spend a lot less money on advertising. Ultimately you get more patients while you spend less! 

What’s not to like about that?

  • Drive long-term Results

Remember, once you’ve hit publish on a new dental blog post, then it’s out there floating around the blogosphere at all times.

That’s great news because it means that it will carry on sending new patients your way for weeks, months, and even years after you originally published it!

Let’s not stop there…you can even promote your previous post on social media, re-posting it occasionally time after time. Or how about using it as a relevant link that can be slipped into new posts to refer back to a particular subject in more depth?

I’m sure you’ll agree blogging is the marketing tool that just keeps on giving!

Of course, you shouldn’t rely solely on dental blogging alone to increase your patient base. A blog should be used alongside your website and other marketing efforts to help spread the word.

In just the same way as any marketing tactic, a blog requires maintenance and consistency to produce the desired results.

Hopefully, this post has helped you realise both the reasons and benefits of dental blogging to win new patients. It’s clear to see that a well-maintained blog with regular dental blog posts is a very effective marketing tool indeed. What’s more, if you’re not dental blogging, you’re missing a huge trick.

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