Dentist and Dental Copywriter – The Perfect Match for Success

Dale King
Dale King

Dale has been writing in the dental industry for over 10 years and keeps up to date with the latest technologies and treatments

While a dentist and a dental copywriter might be on two separate sides of the spectrum they can actually make an awesome team. If you stop and think about if for a second, when you want to get more patients through your door, the one place you need to market is online.

Did you know for instance that over 70% of people seeking a dentist will first search online? If you’re not visible to them, then that’s a lot of potential patients you’re missing out on!

The good news is that by working with a dental copywriter they can help you with your goal of attracting and retaining a steady stream of new patients.

Of course you might be thinking, ‘I’ll write my own dental content, how hard can it be?” and I dare say you probably could, but there are two key points why this mightn’t be the best idea in the world…

Firstly, as your practice gets busier, your priority is looking after the needs of your patients. So I’m going to put it out there that you won’t have the time needed to write regular blogs, dental newsletters, ad copy, and landing pages.

Secondly, even if you do manage to get everything done and have some extra hours at the end of the week, chances are you’ll lack the skills needed to write compelling patient-friendly content that fully engages. Harsh I know, but it’s probably true.

So this is where a dental copywriter can help and the fact is that by teaming up, you can move your business to the next level fast! But how so?

Let’s dive in and take a look…


Let’s face it, if you have a dental website and you’re not blogging consistently or worse still, not blogging at all, then you can bet your bottom dollar that your competition will be. In fact here’s a post I wrote a while back on dental blogging success and why you need to create content.

The issue is that coming up with new content ideas constantly and sticking to a regular blogging schedule is no easy task, even for skilled writers. Let’s face it, It’s only going to add a whole load of extra stress to your already busy life. So with one of the top time-management skills being delegation, it may be time to hand the note book to a dental copywriter.

Working closely with you they can get your message across in a simple but powerful way that’s both patient-friendly and engaging. But more importantly, a skilled writer will position you as the ‘go to‘ expert in your area. Just imagine having the time to focus on your patients yet still being able to put out fresh new content for your blog every single week. That’s what a dental writer can bring to the table!

Improving your SEO

Search engine optimisation (SEO) determines what position you hold in Google when particular words or phrases are searched for. With online ranking being dependent on regular and unique content, coupled with strong strategic keywords, it’s important to have a content plan in place.

The fact is that a dental copywriter knows how to produce SEO-driven dental content that helps your practice to get noticed online, but in addition:

  • They know the best keywords and how to naturally incorporate them into your text, and…

  • Understand exactly how to achieve an excellent SEO strategy that puts your practice first in line for new patients.

In essence, content frequency and quality are key and a good dental copywriter will ensure both.

Maintaining consistency

Here’s a fact….. the more consistent you are with your content the more credibility you gain!

You need to regularly give your audience reasons to check your website, and to keep your practice at the forefront of their minds. In order to do this you should be looking to create new dental content at least once a week.

The problem is that even with the best will in the world, maintaining consistency week in week out is hard. This means not only coming up with fresh new ideas but also finding the time in your busy schedule to write 500-1000 words, post on social media, and share articles or blog posts with your audience.

A good freelance dental copywriter will be able to do all of this for you. This includes coming up with a constant supply of ideas and writing content based around those, through to circulating your posts via social media channels and building your following. All the time, strengthening your brand, through consistent well-written content. It’s kind of like having your very own brand ambassador, except without the celebrity status!

Error-free copy

Let’s face it, no one is perfect and sometimes even the best writers fall short with spelling and grammar. The truth is that incorrect text can detract from your content and even discredit your practice. If potential patients visit your website and notice a succession of errors they may question your lack of attention to detail. Not good if you’re putting yourself out there as the ‘go to‘ dentist in your area right?

Even if your English writing and spelling skills are better than average it takes a lot of time to check through and proof-read text. So why not leave that job to the professionals?

Any self respecting dental copywriter will have high standards when it comes to grammar, spelling, and punctuation and their skills will be put to good use in order to produce high standards of copy. Along with that, they’ll know how to research, confirm facts, and make sure treatments and technical jargon are explained correctly, in patient-friendly terms.

Remember, before a copywriter submits anything to your website or blog, it’ll be thoroughly checked (often multiple times) to make sure your content is error-free. As a result you can be assured that every piece of content is portraying you and your practice in the best possible light.

Unique content

We talked about the importance of a constant supply of content, but more importantly, that content has to be 100% original.

While you can always use someone else’s posts and give them the due credit, it won’t help you build reliability and authority.


Well at the end of the day, that content can be found elsewhere and your readers need not have loyalty to your website. It’s far better to be engaging people with your content and linking them to your dental blogs or website instead, which in turn all helps to build good SEO.

If you want your search rankings to be top of the list, your content absolutely must be original. This can be very difficult when you’ve got multiple web pages and blog posts that discuss various aspects of the same topic.

A good dental copywriter knows that original content is key. It’s their job to find different ways to write about the same topics, using unique phases, while also weaving in targeted keywords for SEO.

As you can see, a dentist and a dental copywriter do actually make a great team and if you find a good one, they can help your business in more ways than you think.

The Dental Writers team are highly experienced when it comes to producing all aspects of dental copy. If you’d like find out more or see some examples of our work visit our website or contacts us on 044 (0) 844 307 9127. We’d love to help.

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  1. Victor Hope


    I do the marketing for a dentist, and I want to publish a monthly newsletter/magazine/booklet for him starting this January

    2 questions

    Question 1: Can you send me a portfolio of what you have done?

    Question 2: I am starting a monthly magazine / newsletter / booklet publication in January, so if I asked you to write an article of 1 page each month (about 500 words),

    i) How long would it take you do that each month? (more or less)

    ii) How much would it cost me each month for that? (I know you need more details but can you give me a range i.e. between $X and $Y per month)

    p.s. find attached an idea of the content I am looking for

    1. Dale King

      Thanks for your info Victor. Sound interesting. I sent you a message.

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