Dental Writers And Dentists – The Perfect Duo

dental writers and dentists - the perfect duo

Dental writers and dentists – Are they really well suited? While these professions are pretty much on the opposite ends of the scale the truth is that they can actually make the perfect duo.

Think about it for a second – In order to grow your customer base you need to get new patients through your doors. How do you do that? Through marketing. In particular internet-based marketing because after all, now and certainly in the future, that’s where the majority of your new clients are going to come from.

Don’t believe me, here are some quick stats to prove a point –

  • According to the British Dental Association, there are a little over 12,100 dental practices spread throughout the UK, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales
  • Between them, they currently serve around 29.5 million patients regularly
  • Excluding children – out of the 18.5 million adults who are left, around 10 million are currently between dentists or are looking for a new dentist.
  • Stats suggest that 63% of these (that’s around 6.3 million people) are looking for a new dentist online. Either because they need a specific treatment, have moved areas, or they aren’t entirely happy with their current dentist.

With the help of a dental writer, you can create a successful marketing campaign to tap into this huge market and capture a large piece of the pie. Here’s how.

4 Ways Dental Writers Can Help You Market Your Practice Successfully

Dental blogging 

I’m sure you’re fed up with being told that you really should be blogging but the truth is you really should. Without a doubt, regular blogging is one of the most cost-worthy and effective ways of garnering new patients. However, there is some bad news…

In order to achieve results, you can’t just write one or two blogs and bingo… you’re on the first page of the search engines for say “Implant dentist in Bournemouth.”  Instead, blogging takes consistency and consistent blogging takes a lot of time and effort.

The good news however is that you can achieve it with the help of a dental writer. By working with a writer you can trust, it’s possible to come up with a list of topics your potential patients want to know. Individual posts can then be based around these topics which can then be posted on your site and/or redistributed as guest posts on other authority sites. Over time you’ll have a library of dental blog posts that will help you to build trust with potential patients and position you as an authority in your field.

Social media

You might already have Twitter, Facebook, and Google + but are you really using them to your advantage? A dental writer can help you to share posts, important articles, and general happenings in order to keep potential patients constantly in the know about your practice. They can also work to build a rapport by regularly networking with others, thus spreading your name far and wide.

Web content

Often you can spot web pages that have been written by dentists because they’re usually pretty technical, a little dry, and they lack that patient-centred interaction that all great dental content has. This is understandable because after all,  it’s not what you’re trained to do right? Conversely, experienced dental writers are used to writing with the patient in mind. They tend to put themselves directly in the shoes of the patient and write from this perspective.

But that’s not all – Dental writers also have the ability to take complex information such as procedural pages and turn them into knowledgeable content which is written in a patient-friendly way. They can also help to ‘sex up’ your ‘About Us’ page or’ Meet the Team’ pages to make them engaging and easy on the eye. Finally, they can write compelling home pages that capture the attention of the reader from the get-go. In fact, experienced dental writers can help you achieve everything you want from your website and much more besides.

Other stuff

Finally, experienced dental writers can also suggest a ton of other stuff to help build your dental business that you might not have even considered. These include

  • Creating relevant email marketing campaigns to attract new patients, or to bring back old ones.
  • Creating and sending out monthly newsletters to keep existing and potential new patients regularly informed of what’s going on in your practice
  • Creating a free giveaway in the form of a patient-centred treatment guide that people can download in exchange for their email addresses.

The bottom line is that working with experienced dental writers will take all the marketing stress off you, while continually growing your patient base by developing a larger and more successful internet footprint.

If you like to think outside of the box and are looking to do something different with your marketing efforts then an experienced dental writing team can help. We offer an affordable way to get results. Contact us on +34 605 45 73 42 or email me at  today.

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